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Many manufacturers in New York City incorporate Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) as a part of their cleaning and finishing process. AFM is a deburring and polishing process used by manufacturers who must finish pieces to precise specifications. The AFM process can smooth and remove surface imperfections from a workpiece in ways other finishing methods can’t, improving performance, function, and durability.

The Advantages of Abrasive Flow Machining

AFM is also known as extrude hone machining. During the AFM process, an abrasive media is extruded along the inner and outer surfaces of a workpiece. It hones and polishes the surfaces of a workpiece by eroding burrs and rough spots. The AFM process provides many advantages, including:

  • Shorter cycle times.
  • Accurate and repeatable results.
  • AFM is often more cost-effective than other finishing methods.
  • Ideal for parts with complex surface geometries and difficult-to-reach internal passages.

Deburring & Finishing Technologies is a Leading Extrude Hone Media Company in New York, NY

If your company uses AFM in its finishing process, then you already know that the success of any AFM project depends on the abrasive extrude hone media used for the job. Deburring & Finishing Technologies is a leading extrude flow media company in New York City, NY. Our extrude hone media can be precisely formulated for use on a variety of materials, including metals like steel and titanium.

Deburring & Finishing Technologies’ extrude hone media is created by mixing an abrasive material (aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, or even crushed industrial diamonds) with a carrier medium, usually a polymer. Customers have a wide selection of options regarding the size, shape, density, and hardness of the media’s abrasive materials. Lubricants, stabilizers, and other additives can be mixed in to improve performance.

We use special blending equipment to ensure the finished media has the proper viscosity and distribution of abrasive particles. Once the media has been prepared, we subject it to rigorous quality testing to evaluate its suitability. If necessary, the abrasive hone media can be modified or adjusted.

Deburring & Finishing Technologies: High-Quality, Custom-Formulated Extrude Hone Media in New York, NY

Looking for an extrude hone media company in New York, NY? You need to get in touch with Deburring & Finishing Technologies. Deburring & Finishing Technologies is a company built to meet all your abrasive flow machining needs. We’ve been delivering state-of-the-art abrasive flow deburring services, equipment, and consumables to manufacturing companies in the NYC area since 2009. We’re the extrude hone media company in New York, NY major manufacturers turn to when they need high-quality, custom formulated extrude hone media.

We serve a wide range of companies in diverse sectors, including the aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, medical devices, and firearms industries. Our team of experienced AFM-trained engineers, technicians, and support personnel is here to deliver the solutions you need to meet production demands. You can contact Deburring & Finishing Technologies through our website or call us at (412) 849-1522 to discuss your AFM project and custom extrude hone media options.