The city of St. Louis, Missouri, as seen from across the river. The Gateway Arch dominates the left upper section of the photo, more than twice as high as any of the buildings in the photo. In a horizontal line across the background and behind the Gateway Arch are downtown buildings and some skyscrapers. Lights are just coming on in the buildings even though there is still light in the sky. A line of beach lies between the buildings and the river, which is a dark blue, mirroring the dark blue of the sky.

Many manufacturing companies in St. Louis, MO. use the abrasive flow machining (also known as extrude hone machining) process to hone and polish a wide range of parts. Diverse companies in the aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, medical devices, and firearms sectors choose abrasive flow machining for the precision and accuracy it delivers. Almost any St. Louis manufacturer can realize better results by incorporating extrude hone machining into their finishing process.

Advantages Offered by Abrasive Flow Machining

AFM is one of the most effective ways to deburr and polish a workpiece. It provides many benefits over other finishing methods, including Improved function, durability, and performance. It’s particularly well-suited for parts with complex geometries and inner surfaces.

The AFM process can be fine-tuned to produce highly accurate and repeatable results with shorter cycle times. This type of abrasive finishing is ideal for parts with complex surface geometries and internal passages that may be impossible to reach using other processes. Extrude honing also reduces surface roughness and relieves surface stress.

If you use AFM in your operations, then you already know the success of any extrude honing job depends on the abrasive extrude hone media used during the process. Deburring & Finishing Technologies is a leading extrude hone media company in St. Louis, MO built to meet all your AFM needs, including high-quality custom formulated extrude hone media.

Abrasive Extrude Hone Media in St. Louis, MO

Extrude hone media is created by mixing an abrasive material (usually aluminum oxide or silicon carbide) with a carrier medium (various polymers). Special blenders are used to ensure the media has the proper viscosity and distribution of abrasive particles. Our extrude hone media can be precisely formulated for use on a particular material, such as steel, aluminum, or titanium.

Customers have a wide range of options when it comes to the size, shape, density, and hardness of the media’s abrasive materials. We can formulate the carrier medium to have the necessary viscosity, shear thinning characteristics, and stability to suspend the abrasive particles needed to ensure their uniform flow. Lubricants, thickeners, stabilizers, and other additives can be mixed in to improve performance.

Once the media has been prepared we subject it to rigorous quality testing to evaluate its suitability. Characteristics such as viscosity, flowability, abrasive concentration, and cutting or polishing efficiency are assessed. If necessary, the extrude hone media can be adjusted or modified.

Everything You Need From an Extrude Hone Media Company in St. Louis, MO

If you’re a local business that uses abrasive flow machining in your finishing process, chances are you’ve already heard of St. Louis, MO. extrude hone media company Deburring & Finishing Technologies. We’ve been delivering state-of-the-art abrasive flow deburring services, equipment, and consumables to manufacturing companies in the St. Louis area since 2009. We’re the extrude hone media company in St. Louis, MO to turn to when you need high-quality, custom formulated extrude hone media.

We have the know-how and capabilities to tackle just about any deburring and polishing job. Our team of experienced AFM-trained engineers, technicians, and support personnel is here to provide the solutions you need to meet production deadlines while still maintaining quality. You can contact Deburring & Finishing Technologies through our website or call us at (412) 849-1522 to learn how we can help with your AFM job and receive a free quote.