Flawlessly Engineered Abrasive Flow Media for Your Extrude Honing ProcessWe take great satisfaction in creating the most efficient abrasive flow media currently available. You’ve probably encountered separation or clogged machinery with other items. Not with our ground-breaking media. In order to guarantee that you get the outcome you need, we carefully design our media specifically for your project. Depending on your needs, one or more abrasive compounds are combined with a carrier polymer or base polymer to create Our Media, a semi-solid putty-like substance.

Contact Deburring & Finishing Technologies for your abrasive flow machinery needs, where we have 60 years of collective knowledge. Reach us right away by dialing (412) 849-1522 or using the form on our Contact Page. With our personalized Abrasive Flow Media, you can get it perfect the first time.

Abrasive Flow Media Like No Other

By being able to re-engineer the media here at Deburring & Finishing Technologies, we can provide you with project-specific media. Having over 50 types of media, we can create the exact product you need. From low-viscosity abrasive media to shear-thinning media, we have everything you require to provide the utmost quality.

Other polishing or grinding processes might not be able to reach difficult locations. Our high-quality abrasive flow media process can reach those difficult spots that may have once been considered impossible.

The #1 Sellers

  • LV-150-1.5 is one of our most widely used abrasive media. It consists of a 150-grit, low-viscosity silicon carbide abrasive, at a ratio of 1.5# to 1# of the total chemistry. Typical applications are aluminum and vinyl extrusion dies for EDM “recast” removal with profile openings of around .020.
  • NM-1000-.33 is for small hole polishing/sizing in holes ranging from .005 to .020. Typical applications are diesel spray nozzles and fuel rails.
  • HV-54-2 is another popular choice. HV-54-2 has a very high viscosity and is stiff enough for large holes and castings, with a 54-grit abrasive of 2 to 1 to improve the finish in castings and large interior dimensions.
  • STM-1200-3 is a gel-like abrasive flow media for diesel spray nozzles, described as a shear-thinning media.
  • DIAMOND ABRASIVE FLOW MEDIA is used for polishing hard-to-machine carbide dies.

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If you’re tired of your abrasive flow media clogging or separating, then it is time to try out our top-of-the-line media. Every type of media we make, we make specifically for you. Give us a try by calling (412) 849-1522 to speak with one of our media engineers and discover why we’re the best in the industry.