If you’re a manufacturer in Allentown, PA, you’re probably familiar with the Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) process. AFM is a finishing process used to polish and deburr a workpiece. It can smooth and remove surface imperfections to precise specifications, greatly improving a part’s performance, function, and durability.

AFM smooths and deburrs a workpiece using a chemically inert abrasive compound called extrude hone media. Extrude hone media consists of an abrasive material (such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, or industrial diamonds) mixed with a carrier medium (usually a type of polymer). The extrude hone media hones away rough spots and surface flaws as it is extruded along the inner and outer surfaces of a workpiece. It can penetrate interior surfaces, holes, slots, cavities, and other areas in ways other polishing or grinding processes simply can’t.

Media flow rate and pressure, the volume and type of media, and media temperature are precisely controlled to remove the desired amount of material. The rate at which the extruded hone media removes material from a workpiece depends on the type of abrasive material used (including its size, density, and concentration), the viscosity of the carrier medium, and the hardness of the workpiece. This rate can be calculated and monitored to ensure repeatability of results.

The Benefits of Abrasive Flow Machining

AFM is a popular finishing method because it provides many benefits. It’s ideal for use on parts with complex surface geometries and difficult-to-reach internal passages. AFM is often more cost-effective than other finishing methods, producing accurate and repeatable results with shorter cycle times than other finishing processes. Extrude hone media can be precisely formulated for a particular material, so there’s none of the risk of damage associated with using cutting tools, grinders, and sanders to deburr and polish a workpiece. AFM can also be more cost-effective than other finishing processes.

Deburring and Finishing Technologies: Extrude Hone Media Company in Allentown, PA

Deburring and Finishing Technologies is a leading extrude hone media company in Allentown, PA. We know that the success of any AFM project depends on the quality of the abrasive extrude hone media used in the job. Our extrude hone media can be precisely formulated to effectively deburr and smooth parts made from a wide range of materials, including metals like steel and titanium.

Deburring & Finishing Technologies has been delivering reliable abrasive flow deburring services, equipment, and consumables to manufacturing companies in Allentown, PA, since 2009. We serve a diverse range of Allentown companies, including those in the automotive, aerospace, automotive, energy, consumer electronics, medical devices, and firearms industries. We’re the extrude hone media company in Allentown, PA, that local manufacturers call when they need high-quality, custom mixed extrude hone media.

Our team of experienced engineers, technicians, and support personnel is here to deliver the AFM solutions you need to meet production demands and stay competitive. Reach out to Deburring & Finishing Technologies through our website or call us at (412) 849-1522 to discuss your AFM project and custom abrasive hone media needs.