Many companies in the Greensburg, PA area include abrasive flow machining (AFM) as part of their finishing processes. When these companies need custom abrasive flow media or AFM services, they turn to Deburring & Finishing Technologies. Deburring & Finishing Technologies have been providing precisely formulated, reliable abrasive flow media to Greensburg-based manufacturers since 2009.

What is Abrasive Flow Media?

Abrasive flow media, also known as extrude hone media, is an important component of the AFM process. AFM is a precision finishing process employed by various industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, and medical device manufacturing. Abrasive flow media provides an effective way to remove burrs and other unwanted surface material from a workpiece. As the surface material is removed, the abrasive flow media smooths and polishes the workpiece. AFM improves the function and performance of a part or component.

The abrasive flow media used during the AFM process is a compound consisting of an abrasive material suspended in a viscoelastic polymer or liquid medium. The appropriate abrasive flow media is chosen based on the material of the workpiece and the desired finish. Abrasive flow media is formulated in various grit sizes, shapes, densities, hardness, and viscosity. Aluminum oxide and silicon carbide are two of the most common abrasives used in abrasive flow media.

The Abrasive Flow Machining Process

During the AFM process, the abrasive flow media is pushed through and against the inner and outer surfaces of a workpiece. As it flows along and through the workpiece, the abrasive flow media erodes away burrs and other materials. This provides the workpiece with a uniform, smooth surface.

Why Abrasive Flow Machining?

Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) offers several advantages over other finishing methods. These advantages can include:

  • Precise and uniform surface finishes.
  • Highly effective at removing burrs and other surface imperfections.
  • Consistent and repeatable results.
  • AFM can polish and deburr inner surfaces that other finishing methods may not be able to reach.
  • Improves part performance.
  • Precise control over the amount of material removed.
  • Ideal for parts and components with complex geometries.
  • More cost-effective than other finishing methods.
  • AFM can be used to finish a wide range of materials, including plastics, ceramics, resins, composite materials, and metals.

Abrasive Flow Media in Greensburg, PA

Founded in 2009, Deburring & Finishing Technologies is a leading provider of abrasive flow media in Greensburg, PA. Aerospace, automobile, consumer electronics, medical devices, and die and mold are just a few of the industries we serve. Our precisely formulated abrasive flow media and professional AFM services are able to finish a wide range of parts to the high standards of accuracy and precision today’s high-tech manufacturers demand.

Deburring & Finishing Technologies offers customers more than 50 different types of abrasive flow media available in various grit sizes, shapes, densities, hardness, etc. We have the capabilities to re-engineer our abrasive flow media to match the unique demands of any AFM job.

You can contact Deburring & Finishing Technologies through our website or call us at (412) 849-1522. Our team of highly experienced AFM engineers and specialists are here to help you find the right abrasive flow media for your job.