Abrasive Flow Machining and Extrude Hone Media in Cincinnati Ohio

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Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) is a finishing process that employs an abrasive medium to remove burrs and other imperfections from a manufactured workpiece. In addition to deburring, AFM is also used for:

  • Radiussing: AFM can generate continuous, true-edge radii.
  • Surface Stress Relief: Sources of surface stress can be removed by polishing away EDM recast layers
  • Polishing: With AFM, an entire workpiece can be evenly smoothed and polished.
  • Geometry Optimization: AFM processes help smooth and shape passages to optimize performance.

Advantages of AFM Deburring and Finishing

For manufacturing companies in Cincinnati and throughout Ohio, abrasive flow machining provides many advantages over other finishing processes:

  • AFM can be used to finish workpieces made from a wide range of materials, including plastics and metals.
  • Roughing and finishing can be completed in a single process
  • AFM processes can improve the quality and reliability of a part
  • AFM can smooth and polish hard-to-reach surface areas that hand tools and line-of-sight methods can’t, such as hidden slots and cross-drilled holes.
  • AFM produces results that are consistent and repeatable
  • AFM has shorter cycle times.

Extrude Hone Media in Cincinnati OH

AFM uses various formulations of abrasive media to smooth and finish a workpiece. The abrasive flow media is hydraulically extruded through and across a workpiece to erode away burrs and other imperfections from a workpiece.

The extrude honing media used in the AFM finishing process is a semi-solid elastic material that consists of a polymer carrier into which an abrasive grain has been mixed. Silicon carbide, diamond powder, aluminum oxide, and boron carbide are some of the materials commonly used as an abrasive in extrude hone media.

The rate at which the media removes this material depends on several factors, including viscosity, media flow rate, abrasive concentration, particle size, and workpiece hardness.

The success of any AFM job depends on the extrude hone media used in the process. Deburring & Finishing Technologies has the right extrude home media for just about any job. We can alter or completely re-engineer an abrasive flow media to meet the unique demands of your particular AFM job. It’s one of the reasons why we’re a leading Extrude Hone Media Company in Cincinnati, OH.

Our extrude hone media is ideally suited for a number of industrial applications, including aerospace, automotive, food processing, medical, dies and molds, EDM recast removal, and more.

Put Deburring & Finishing Technologies’ AFM Experience to Work for You

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