Deburring & Finishing Technology’s abrasive flow deburring in Akron, OH can smooth and deburr parts more efficiently than other finishing methods. Our Akron, OH abrasive deburring services include:

  • Radiussing
  • Surface stress relief
  • Polishing and uniform surfacing
  • Geometry optimization
  • Deburring

It doesn’t matter what type of manufacturing process you use – CNC, molding, 3D printing, etc, – burrs happen. Burrs and other surface imperfections can affect the durability, function, and performance of a part. They need to be removed.

Abrasive flow deburring, also known as abrasive flow machining or extrude honing, can remove burrs in ways other finishing methods can’t. For instance, abrasive flow machining can finish parts with complex geometries and hard-to-reach inner passages. It removes material in a uniform matter without altering the geometry of a part.

Abrasive flow deburring is used by many¬† Akron, OH businesses in the aerospace, automotive, medical device, consumer electronics, food processing, gunsmithing, and energy production industries. Companies all over Akron and surrounding communities have benefited from Deburring & Finishing Technology’s abrasive deburring finishing services and custom abrasive flow media.

Advantages of Abrasive Flow Deburring

In Akron, OH, abrasive flow deburring provides many advantages to manufacturers, including:

  • Achieves high levels of accuracy with repeatable results
  • Better function, reliability, and performance of finished parts.
  • Produces smoother and more uniform surfaces compared to other methods.
  • Reduced surface roughness.
  • Abrasive flow machining can be used to finish a wide range of materials.
  • Ideal for parts with complex geometries and internal passages that may be impossible to reach using other finishing processes.
  • Shorter cycle times.
  • Abrasive flow deburring is often more cost-effective than other finishing methods.

Abrasive Flow Media

Burrs and other imperfections are removed using an abrasive-laden polymer compound called abrasive flow media or extrude media. Diamond, silicon carbide, and aluminum oxide are just a few of the abrasive materials used in abrasive flow media. Our technicians have the expertise to adjust the viscosity, abrasive particle size, and abrasive concentration of our abrasive flow media to meet the unique requirements of any abrasive deburring job.

During the abrasive deburring process, the abrasive flow media is washed across and through a part using a hydraulic ram, where it erodes away burrs, and smooths a part’s surface. The process can be precisely adjusted to achieve the high levels of accuracy that today’s manufactured products require.

Deburring & Finishing Technology: Your First Choice for Abrasive Flow Deburring in Akron, OH

Deburring & Finishing Technologies is the first choice for Akron, OH businesses that require expert abrasive flow deburring services and abrasive flow media. We’ve been providing high-quality abrasive flow deburring services, equipment, and consumables to businesses throughout the Akron, OH area since 2009.¬† Our team of engineers and specialists possess the experience, equipment, and expertise to help your company tackle just about any Akron, OH abrasive deburring finishing project. We offer more than 50 different abrasive flow media options and can re-engineer our abrasive flow media to meet the unique requirements of your job.

Contact Deburring & Finishing Technologies through our website or call us at (412) 849-1522 to discuss your Akron, OH abrasive deburring needs and get a free quote.