Abrasive Flow Media Company in Philadelphia PA

You Have Found the Abrasive Flow Media Company in Philadelphia PA That You’ve Been Looking For

At Deburring & Finishing Technologies, we know how important the right Abrasive Flow Media Company in Philadelphia PA is to the AFM process. Similar to putty, an abrasive flow medium is semi-solid and can include anywhere from a single to many abrasive materials. Those materials, which can be as small as talcum particles or as large as pebbles, are then mixed with a base polymer or a carrier of some type.

Deburring & Finishing Technologies Offers Customers Several Different Types of Abrasive Flow Media to Select From

Stop dealing with issues that are caused by your current supper. Say goodbye to clogs and separation. Work with Deburring & Finishing Technologies as your abrasive flow media company in Philadelphia PA and let us tweak or re-make our media for your specific purposes. You can pick from more than 50 types of media, depending on what is best for your needs, and the size options include 3.5 gallon and 5-gallon sizes.

Which of These Media Options Are the Answer You’ve Been Looking For?

  • Try these NM-1000-.33 for polishing and sizing holes ranging from .005 to 0.20, such as spray nozzles for diesel and petrol rails.
  • LV-150-1.5 (Low viscosity, 150 grit silicon carbide abrasive, at a ratio of 1.5# to 1# of the total chemistry) is one of our most widely used abrasive media. Typical applications are aluminum and vinyl extrusion dies for EDM “recast” removal with profile openings of around .020.
  • Another popular product is our HV-54-2, which has a high viscosity and is rigid enough to be utilized in large holes and castings. The two-to-one abrasiveness of 54-grit is ideal for polishing big interior dimensions and castings.
  • You can’t beat our STM-1200-3 for a gel-like abrasive flow medium (shear thinning media). This is especially useful for diesel spray nozzles.
  • The top choice for polishing hard to machine carbide dies is our diamond abrasive flow media.

An Abrasive Flow Media Company in Philadelphia PA That Can Create Abrasive Flow Media Especially Suited for Your Project

Different abrasive flow medium compositions are required for different purposes. Deburring & Finishing Technologies may create abrasive flow media that is specifically tailored to your project’s requirements. Abrasive materials with grit sizes ranging from 8 to 1200 mesh are available.

Are you ready to talk about your project’s exact requirements? Contact Deburring & Finishing Technologies at (412) 849-1522 or via our website. You’ve located an abrasive flow media company in Philadelphia PA that can assist you.