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We understand how critical the correct Abrasive Flow Media Company in Denver CO is to the AFM process at Deburring & Finishing Technologies. An abrasive flow medium, like putty, is semi-solid and can include a single or many abrasive compounds. The components, which can range in size from talcum powder to pebbles, are then combined with a base polymer or a carrier of some sort.

Work with Deburring & Finishing Technologies and You Will Have a Number of Types of Abrasive Flow Media to Choose From

Are you experiencing issues with your current supplier? Is the abrasive flow media you’re currently using clogging or separating? Deburring & Finishing Technologies is an abrasive flow media company in Denver CO that has the capability to tweak or re-engineer our media to fit your specific needs. We offer over 50 types of media for any situation. Our media comes in 3 ½ gallon or 5-gallon sizes.

Learn about Some of Our Most Popular Media

  • These NM-1000-.33 tiny hole polishing/sizing tools are available in sizes ranging from 0.005 to 0.20. They’re ideal for spray nozzles for petrol and diesel rails, for example.
  • One of our most popular abrasive media is LV-150-1.5 (Low viscosity, 150 grit silicon carbide abrasive, with a ratio of 1.5# to 1# of total chemical). Aluminum and vinyl extrusion dies for EDM “recast” removal with profile holes of around .020 are common uses.
  • HV-54-2 is another common option. Its viscosity is exceedingly high. In fact, it’s strong enough to be utilized for casting and large holes. It also has a two-to-one 54-grit abrasive to increase the polish on big internal dimensions and castings.
  • STM-1200-3 (shear thinning media) gel-like abrasive flow media for diesel spray nozzles.
  • Diamond abrasive flow media is used for polishing of hard-to-machine carbide dies.

An Abrasive Flow Media Company in Denver CO That Can Create Abrasive Flow Media Especially Suited for Your Project

Different applications require different abrasive flow media formulations. Deburring & Finishing Technologies can engineer abrasive flow media specially formulated for your project needs. We have abrasive materials in grit sizes ranging from 8 to 1200 mesh.

Now is the moment to speak with Deburring & Finishing Technologies about your company’s specific requirements. It’s simple to do so; simply call (412) 849-1522 or contact us through our website to talk to an abrasive flow media company in Denver CO.