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The AFM method requires abrasive flow medium. An abrasive flow medium is a semi-solid putty-like substance made up of one or more abrasive compounds combined with a carrier polymer or base polymer. The abrasive materials might be anything from tiny talcum-like particles to small pebbles in size. Deburring & Finishing Technologies is an Extrude Hone Media Company in Dallas TX that can assist you.

Deburring & Finishing Technologies Offers Customers Several Different Types of Abrasive Flow Media To Select From

Do you have a problem with your existing supplier? Is the abrasive flow medium that you’re employing now clogging or separating? Deburring & Finishing Technologies is an Extrude Hone Media Company in Dallas TX, that can alter or re-engineer our media to meet your exact requirements. For each occasion, we have over 50 different forms of media. Our media is available in 3.5- gallon and 5-gallon sizes.

This is Only a Partial List of Our Best-Selling Media Options

  • For polishing and sizing holes ranging from .005 to 0.20, such as spray nozzles for diesel and fuel rails, try these NM-1000-.33
  • LV-150-1.5 (Low viscosity, 150 grit silicon carbide abrasive, at a ratio of 1.5# to 1# of the total chemistry) is one of our most widely used abrasive media. Typical applications are aluminum and vinyl extrusion dies for EDM “recast” removal with profile openings of around .020.
  • HV-54-2 is another common option. Its viscosity is exceedingly high. In fact, it’s strong enough to be utilized for casting and large holes. It also has a two-to-one 54-grit abrasive to increase the polish on big internal dimensions and castings.
  • You can’t beat our STM-1200-3 for a gel-like abrasive flow medium (shear thinning media). This is especially useful for diesel spray nozzles.
  • Hard-to-machine carbide dies are polished with diamond abrasive flow medium.

Get the Exact Media Needed for Your Project with Our Extrude Hone Media Company in Dallas TX

In actuality, multiple abrasive flow media formulae are needed for various applications. When you operate with Deburring & Finishing Technologies, we can employ abrasive materials with mesh sizes ranging from 8 to 1200.

To discuss your unique project requirements, contact Deburring & Finishing Technologies. You may contact us through our contact page or by calling (412) 849-1522. We are the Extrude Hone Media Company in Dallas TX you’ve been looking for.